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"On Monday 3.10.2016 and on Tuesday 4.10.2016 our friends from Uhersky Brod in Czech Republic visited Kraków. On Monday me, and group of my friends from eTwinning showed them some important places in Kraków, but first we ate lunch, which is of course more important than everything :). Later, starting with Plac Szczepański, we showed them Kraków. Then, we went to Barbakan, Brama Floriańska, Ulica Św. Floriana, Sukiennice and a museum underneath it, and Wawel in the end. We had a great time in the museum, our guide was very... funny and we discovered some secrets about our city. Overally, we had a great time in the old town, and I think that they liked it too. Later we came back to school, and our parents picked us up,  because they were sleeping in our homes. They gave us some really cool and unique gifts. On Tuesday we went to school, and then we went for a School Annual Celebrations, where we saw a lot of funny things, and later they said they really enjoyed it.  After this exhausting event, we ate lunch together after which we said goodbye, hoping we'd see each other soon!"

by Tomasz Gomółka, IIIA


   Finally,  on 9th May we had a chance to meet our Czech friends from Uhersky Brod.We received an invitation to join them in celebrating 10th anniversary of Katolická Základní Skola. Therefore, as a powerful team of principal s. Leokadia Wojeciechowska, 10 students of IIA class and a coordinator of eTwinning project mr Krzysztof Kusyk, we gladly accepted the invitation and set out on our Czech journey. During the two days trip, our pupils took the opportunity to speak in actually 3 languages: Polish, English and...Czech as well! Our eTwinning hosts showed us the magnificent nooks of their small city, explained the history hidden behind the old buildings & monuments and presented students' work from their school. Moreover, we went to Mass in which we thanked God for KZS's prosperity and prayed for a further blessing. At the end of our adventure, we had a great time watching various performances which assured us that our Czech friends have great artistic talents!

We hope we'll reunite soon - but this time in Cracow!:)

PS  Relacja z wyjazdu w języku PL -> W Uherskim Brode...

   In 2014, our school was invited by the Czech school KZS from Uhersky Brod to participate in the international programme called eTwinning. Our project "Who are you?"  deals with a range of topics related to the participants' daily lives, schools, hometowns and countries which help them get involved effectively. Their interest will be also supported by using different ICT tools.Our aim is to motivate pupils to learn English by using it for real communication, boost their vocabulary knowledge as well as improve their communicative competency. Get to know the partner school, town, country and daily life, introduced by the pupils of their age:)

Our Dominik Savio's team:)

One of our assignments was to introduce our pupils& school in an interesting form. Therefore, we decided to come up with a short videoclip:) The result? Click below!


...and we didn't have to wait long for a proper response! Here's the video of our Czech partners in which they extensively present their school. The pupils share their interests & hobbies. Worth watching!


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